MANTRA – Part 1

The great minds of philosophy, science, mysticism and inquiry of past and present have acknowledged that the world you exist in and the experiences you have are of your own creation. The people in your life, your job, your mind, body and the places you live in are all designed by you. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs and behaviours are what shapes your reality and with the right insight and skills, you can develop your potential to design your own life.

By Emily Rack – Realising you have the potential to reshape your existence is one thing, knowing how to do it is another, with so much work to be done where would you even begin?…

According to one of the great minds of modern psychology Carl Jung, the experiences, relationships, successes and failures that you encounter are deliberately created out of your own subconscious mind. The people in your life and the experiences you have are all a result of patterns of thinking and behaviour that impact the environment around you and what you see and experience is an extension of your unconscious self.

Another great philosophical mind of the 21st Century, Eckhart Tolle said his spiritual awakening arose out of the self-made statement – “I can not live with myself anymore”. He said this to himself in a depressive episode, and as he said it he then reflected on the statement and realised that ‘I’ and ‘Self’ were two separate things, and from there he was able to untangle his mind-made self, (the depressive suicidal version with the polarised negative outlook) from his true identity – which he calls the watcher or the awareness.

Eckhart realised that his whole reality was being shaped by unconscious beliefs and self-made dialogue and was all in fact fictitious. This meant every experience he was having was being generated out of his thoughts, including his identity and with that he transformed into the spiritual master we know today.

Mantra Part 2 … 

Coming to realise that the thoughts in your head are not really your own and that they exist as a never-ending stream of consciousness means you have the potential to tune out of them at will. According to many great minds of science and philosophy, you attract the thoughts that you have based on the frequency or the energy you emit.

So from here, it would be clear that your very first step would be to discover what is in your mind, how to change the channel and discover where your energy goes. As they say where your awareness goes your energy flows.

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