Sound Waves & Brain Waves

by Horatio's Jar | Sound Meditation

Sound Waves

Sound and music can have an amazing effect on the way you think, feel and behave. Different music and different beats can change the way your brain cells communicate by making them talk faster or slower. Slowing down your brain waves by using special meditation music will enhance your creativity, your wellbeing and can even make you more intelligent. This specially designed track includes binaural beats which are specially made to improve your concentration and your mood, singing bowl which increases your attention and awareness, sounds of nature to soothe your central nervous system and melody to boost creativity and flow.

Ages 5+

Tips For Your Listening Experience

  • Find a comfortable position where you are not going to be disturbed and play the track from start to finish.
  • Keep your breathing smooth, long and deep and keep your eyes closed.
  • Listen to each sound as it comes in and out – using your ears to listen extra carefully to each sound will increase the experience of meditation and relaxation.
  • Listening with headphones will enhance your experience.
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