The Simple Things

We have heard it time and time again that happiness comes from the inside but not too often are we told how to find it and what it feels like.

Happiness is interpretive, but collectively people describe it as a sense of peace and acceptance of themselves, the world around them and the satisfaction in their own humble existence.

 True happiness as it seems comes from the ability to manage and understand our thoughts, feelings and emotions, make good decisions and remain equanimous in moments of unease and unrest. This brings satisfaction and joy as we understand the simple pleasures in their fullness and with gratitude. What makes unhappy is the thought that who we are and what we have isn’t enough, that life didn’t measure up and everything feels like a disappointment. Failure, resentment, blame, and loathing erupts in the mind and spill out to create dysfunction, corrosion and disease in our life.  We tend to extricate ourselves from our misfortunes by blaming and shaming the outside world and its constituents instead of looking inward for the cause of our malady. The pointing of fingers and blaming isolates us and separates us from our community and life as we describe the world as ‘them’ and ‘me’.

The idea that everything in your reality is a result of your own mind and behaviour can be hard to understand at first, because how is it your fault if another person knocks you down in a park? There is complex and simple reasoning into how we shape the landscape of experiences and the answers can be found in philosophy and science.

 On a simple scale, the things you do and say have a really powerful impact on the environment inside and outside of you. What you think, what you speak and what you imagine design the life you live. With little awareness into your unconscious mind and its role in creating your experience, you may be missing out on the life you seek.  

The reality you experience is filtered through the lens of your mind, your unconscious beliefs, your desires, anxieties and self-made dialogue. Everything that you think you are is made up of a story in your head, Whether something is good or bad depends upon the individual and how they experience it and therefore is subjective, meaning it is your interpretation of the truth. The objective reality is the reality that is concrete, unchanging and exists as it is; without comparison, meaning or description – a river is a river, a mountain a mountain and exists whether you name it or not. When you experience the objective reality,  the mountain as it is – without the overlapping of opinions, memories or your comparable experiences, it just is a mountain, and you are only the witness. There is no ‘I’ and’ It’ because the identity, which is your internal dialogue has gone silent. The turbulence in your day to day life is merely a construct of your mind and without thoughts, the truth that is – stillness, serenity, bliss and equanimity is realised. Life is energetic and intelligent it knows no time, no comparison, past or future, it just is as you are, existence and awareness. If you and the mountain exist without thought, then the mind and reality are two separate things; Therefore happiness begins where ideas and thoughts end.
Just Breathe

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