Before and After School Care

OSHClub: Before and After School Care


Our OSHCare is available through OSHClub at Monbulk Primary School. For Before School Care parents drop off at Monbulk PS (Ray Yates Hall adjacent to the Monbulk Hub) first thing in the morning.  For After School Care parents pick up from Monbulk PS (Ray Yates Hall adjacent to the Monbulk Hub).
Students travel on the school bus between Monbulk PS and St Paul’s.   OSHClub staff will put the Before School Care students on the bus when it stops out the front of Monbulk PS at 8.34am to travel to St Paul’s.  Of an afternoon, St Paul’s staff put the students on the bus at 3.00pm to travel to Monbulk PS where OSHClub staff are waiting at the bus stop.
We are in regular communication with OSHClub staff by phone and email, and receive daily booking lists to ensure a smooth process.

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