Opportunites to Explore

We pride ourselves on a wide range of curriculum opportunites for our students

It’s not the curriculum that we offer that sets us apart, it’s the manner in which it’s delivered

Any school can teach a curriculum. Amazing schools like ours at St Paul’s Primary is full of teachers actively and passionately exploring the possibilities of making their teaching practice more innovative, engaging and fun at every turn. This is the single ingredient that drives the most growth in our students.

The success we attain is not only evidenced by the assessment data – but it’s seen through the smiles and joy we see on our student’s faces as a concept is grasped. This is the indefinable element that drives us as teachers to produce and grow our own teaching skills year in, year out.


We are widely regarded as one of the leading schools in the region for literacy. Our approach is unique and hands on.


One of the pillars of the strong education we offer. We make numeracy engaging by bringing it to life with real world problem solving.

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is central to everything that we do inside the classroom and outside. We have a strong focus on building ‘well-rounded kids’.

Physical Education

Our aim is to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds through our brillaint P.E. program.

The Arts

Through play, experimentation and participation, our performing arts program is designed to build confidence in our students

Languages (Italian)

Students are immersed in the Italian language and culture through a range of activities, including speaking, singing, listening, reading and writing

Digital Technologies

Technology is an inescapable medium in todays digital age and with a very healthy eye on balance we immerse our students in Ipads, interactive whiteboards, computers and lots more.

Faith (Religious Education)

Religious Education at St. Paul’s is living the core values from the Gospels. RE is taught through story, and teaching and learning experiences based in the Inquiry process which encourages children to wonder and explore.


A community resource by St Paul's Primary School

Habits – Easy To Make and Hard To Break

One of the greatest developments in contemporary psychiatry and behavioural psychology is the knowledge that the mind and the brain are in fact two separate things and that with the power of your awareness you can change the structure and the chemistry of your own brain.

Colour Me A Frog

Colour your poster and hang it on your wall

I’m Dying For A Hug

I’m Dying For A Hug
We live a time that has been defined by its scholars as the loneliest civilisation in human history.
With the advances in communication and the standard of living it’s highest in all recorded history, you would think this could not possibly be true, but it is.

ADHD and Mindfulness

Because of mindfulness’s effectiveness in developing self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, cognition and concentration ts application in the treatment of cognitive disorders like ADHD in children has been adopted and explored by clinicians and psychologist as an alternative to medication.

Sound Meditation

Sound waves can be used to change your brain waves

Know Me, Know You – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn how to use your breath to live longer, get smarter and feel better.

The Yogic Breath

In this pranayama activity, we move the breath from the lowest point of the spine to the highest point in six counts. The yogic breath is a deeply relaxing activity that helps to strengthen mind-body connection and trains you to stay focused and present.

The Invisible Giant

Extend Your Breath and Your Life

The Simple Things

We have heard it time and time again that happiness comes from the inside but not too often are we told how to find it and what it feels like.

Sound Waves & Brain Waves

You can use sound waves to change your brain waves.

Natural Medicine

The relationship medicine men and women have with the natural world has taken millennia to evolve, and it’s a relationship sustained through custom, respect, and balance.

Taking Out The Trash

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it will clear your mind of any thoughts and negative memories and you will become completely empty and pure.

Breaking Bad Habits – Mindfulness Changes Your Brain

The more often you repeat a behaviour the stronger the urge to do it again becomes…

Buddha’s Belly – A brain training activity

Learn how to change your brain using words of power.

Everyday Mindfulness – Activities

we are a social, spiritual and sensitive species that which requires a place in the community, emotional care, regular nourishment from the earth a connection to Mother -Nature, close friends and comfort from loved ones.

You Achieve What You Believe

You Achieve What You Believe What you think can become who you are. Your beliefs underly the entire construct of your reality. When was the last time you checked into what you think and more importantly, what you believe? Unprocessed emotions and traumatic experiences...

The Iceman

Breath is the Best Medicine We need oxygen to survive, and without enough of it, our brain and all our organs cannot function properly and our cells will begin to die. By Emily Rack The Iceman Ages 12+ All over the world contemporary science and eastern introspective...

The Tears of Shiva – Seeds from a magic tree

The name Rudrā is one of 1008 names of the Hindu deity Shiva and the word Akśa means tears in Sanskrit. After 1000 years of meditation tears began to fall from the eyes of Shiva in compassion for mankind, the tears became the Rudraksha Tree.

Meditation Vs Mindfulness

Breath is the Best Medicine We need oxygen to survive, and without enough of it, our brain and all our organs cannot function properly and our cells will begin to die. By Emily Rack Meditation v's Mindfulness The goal of meditation and mindfulness is simple - it is to...

The Ghost Bat – An Australian Mammal

The ghost Bat may look a little bit odd with his super-sized ears, and curios shaped nose but he is still an adorable creature to behold and definitely worth a second look.

Wu Wei, Your Way

Time To Save Most elderly people when asked about their life regrets will always say they wished they spent their time doing what was important; and it wasn’t worrying about money and comfort items, but spending time with loved ones... The Dalai Lama was asked what he...

Kids Mindfulness Activity – Star Breathing

Mindfulness breathing is a beautiful way to relax a busy mind, calm nervous feelings and build mental clarity.
The ‘Star Breathing Chart’ is a great activity to practice when feelings and emotions get a little hairy and thinking is a bit blurry.

Daily Relaxation & Deep Breathing

Finding time to relax is so important to your health and wellbeing and yet we so often put everything else first. In just a few minutes you can totally relax your mind and body with this simple relaxation and meditation exercise.

MANTRA Part 1 – The Philosophy Of Mind

Coming to realise that the thoughts in your head are not really your own and that they exist as a never-ending stream of consciousness means you have the potential to tune out of them at will. According to many great minds of science and philosophy, you attract the thoughts that you have based on the frequency or the energy you emit.

You Are What You Think

Learning to conceentrate is actualyl a skill that takes practice, just like going to the gym to build up the strenght in yout muscles, you need to practice concentration to strengthen the mind. Developing strong concentration not only makes you more productive and...

I Am Enough

With the help of  research into neuroscience and neuroplasticity, we can now comfortably say that reshaping your mind and changing your brain is possible and anyone can do it.

The Nature Of Sound – A Guided Meditation

Mother Nature in all her wisdom provides us with everything we need to grow and thrive. The sounds made by the natural world are there to help tune the body to the frequency of the earth, the planets and the stars.

Colour Me A Collage

Colour Me A Collage Making a collage is so much fun to do and it is good for the mind, art stimulates your senses, emotions and your brain. Collage The art of collage began as early as 200bc around the time paper was invented in China. Collage means to glue, and most...

Peace Giants – Thich Nhat Hanh

A global Peace Giant, Thich Nhat Hahn has revolutionised our way of seeing the world through his prayers, philosophy, activism and teachings.

Just Say Peace – Daily Inspiration

Peace in every language has the power to transform hearts and minds everywhere. 

Just Breathe – Video

Just like everything we consume – the breath can either be a medicine or a poison; depending on how you use it.

The Om Project – Kids Activity

The Om project is where you can explore the ancient mystery of the worlds most recognisable and practised sounds -Om.

Breath is the Best Medicine

Breath is the Best Medicine We need oxygen to survive, and without enough of it, our brain and all our organs cannot function properly and our cells will begin to die. By Emily Rack Breath is the Best Medicine We need oxygen to survive, and without enough of it, our...

How To Bake A Meditation Cake

How To Bake A Meditation Cake Meditation practice is a little bit like baking a cake, it requires certain ingredients placed in the right order, mixed and baked for a set amount of time to get the right result. Without a recipe or the right ingredients, you are likely...

The Yogic Breath – Part 2

This pranayama breathing exercise is a fantastic tool for developing concentration and mental clarity.
Extending the length of your breath will extend the range of your life by slowing down your heart rate, increasing feel-good chemicals and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

In Sync

Sharing music, making music and dancing with music makes us closer in physical proximity but it also means our brains are closer too.

Mandala Activity

Mandala When we were kids the creation of the perfect colouring could become something of an obsession; each time we began a new page we would always try to improve on the previous artwork, making sure to stay between the lines, pick the right colours and apply the...

The Ocean Breath – A Pranayama Breath Technique

Learn the ancient pranayama breath practice and reduce stress and anxiety.

Prana Yum

Used for millennia as a gateway to self-mastery and a tool for self-healing, self-awareness and self-realisation, the breath sits at the centre of what determines real, and unreal.

In The Now

In The Now All of us have been told to pay more attention, to concentrate & focus; but have you ever been shown how to? Learning to concentrate is actually a skill that takes practice, just like going to the gym to build up the strength in your muscles, you need...

Mind and Body

Mind and Body Watch This Cool Video. Try some yoga with your friends and family. Learn why yoga is so important in helping us to meditate. Ages 5+ Please be careful in practising these exercises. Not everyone is able to participate in this activity so we advise you...

The Intelligent Breath – 2: 1 Breathing Activity

Learn how to get smarter and live longer.

The Finger Labyrinth – A Mindfulness Activity

Using the labyrinth mindfully enhances meditation and prayer, the labyrinth is similar to the maze and has existed throughout ancient cultures for at least the past four thousand years.

Peace Giants – Lao Tzu, Tao 8

Lao Tzu a legendary chinese philosophy and writer, credited with forming Daoism one of the two main schools of chinese philosophical thought, wrote a book – ‘The Tao Te Ching’ approximately 2500 years ago.

The Reasons Why

Whatever your reasons for taking the practice of meditation – whether it be to master your mind or heal the body – the success of your practice lies with your ability to focus and concentrate.


Self- Awareness. To know and understand yourself, your emotions, needs and desires is probably the most important thing in life. It means you are more likely to live an authentic, fulfilling and happy existence alongside people and places that add meaning and energy...