Parent Involvement 

 At St Paul’s we value the partnerships forged between parents and the school. We believe such relationships enhance the faith development as well as the social and educational outcomes for children. Engagement with parents also allows the school to benefit from a broader resource and encourages community spirit and cohesion.


“Parents have a particularly important part to play in the educating community, since it is to them that primary and natural responsibility for their children’s education belongs.”

 CEOM Policy 2.25


St Paul’s is fortunate to have a parent community that works proudly to support programs, assist with the provision of resources, and jointly oversee the maintenance of grounds and facilities. St Paul’s encourages all families to become involved in the life of the school and their child’s education. The following are current avenues of participation that parents may wish to consider according to personal interests, abilities and availability.


School Advisory Board 

The School Advisory Board comprises the Parish Priest, Principal, Staff Representative and an elected body of parents. The Board meets approximately twice per term. The Board acts as a forum for discussion on matters pertaining to education issues, curriculum and public relations. A variety of sub-committees emanate from the Advisory Board, including the Grounds Committee and the Parents & Friends Committee. Members of the school community may attend meetings of the Advisory Board. Nominations for vacant positions on the Advisory Board are called three weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. 


Parents and Friends  

St Paul’s has a very active Parents and Friends Committee. Meetings are held each month and all parents are welcome to attend. The P&F supports the school through a variety of fundraising initiatives and social events, including a Bikeathon, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift stalls, Hot Lunch Days and the famous St Paul’s Country Fair, held every two years. 


 Classroom Programs  

Parents have the opportunity to assist with classroom programs throughout the year. A parent helpers program has been designed to provide interested parents with an insight into the development of early literacy skills in young children. The implementation of a successful literacy program is dependent upon the support of parents who have been trained in this area.



At St Paul’s we appreciate the assistance of parents on school excursions. Support is often required with inter-school sport, the various camp programs and school sports days.


 Working Bees

In an effort to reduce overall school maintenance costs, parents are encouraged to attend one working bee throughout the year. Every working bee concludes with a barbeque where parents have the opportunity to socialise. Working bees are scheduled throughout the year and are advertised in the school newsletter. 


Uniform Shop – Ross Haywood Sports 

The St Paul’s uniform Shop is outsourced to Ross Haywood Sports. 

Please CLICK HERE to be taken to our online Uniform Shop. 


Secondhand Uniform Shop 

St Paul’s run a secondhand uniform shop at the school.  All items are sold by gold coin donation.  A team of parent volunteers coordinate the secondhand uniform.  Parents can contact the office or the parents directly to purchase secondhand uniform.


Special Events

During the year there are many events where the parents can participate or provide assistance. For example, school sports carnival, St Paul’s Feast Day, events related to whole school topics, sacramental celebrations, and evening faith gatherings.

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